Beyond's Appetizers
  1. $6
    Cool Summer Rolls
    Rice noodle wrap with fresh ingredients roll and served with Beyond's peanut sauce. Choice of Chicken or Shrimp or Tofu.
  2. $6
    Crispy Spring Rolls
    Deep fried spring rolls stuffed with marinated glass noodles. Choice of Chicken or Vegetables. Served with sweet & sour sauces.
  3. $6
    Stuffed Angel Wings
    De-boned chicken wings stuffed with mixed of ground chicken and glass noodles.
  4. $9
    Young Fried Calamari
    Fresh calamari fried light and crispy. Served with sweet & spicy sauce.
  5. $12
    Skewered and grilled with coconut milk, choice of marinated tender Beef or white meat Chicken. Served with Thai pickled cucumber and peanut sauce.
  6. $7
    Sweet Crispy Rice Noodles / Me Krob
    Crispy rice noodles with shrimp and tofu.
  7. $6
    Crystal Dumpling
    Steamed shrimp dumplings served with chef's dipping sauce.
  8. $6
    Thai Golden Bags / Tung Tong
    Golden fried wonton stuffed with ground marinated chicken. Served with sweet & sour sauce.
  9. $8
    Shrimp in a Blanket
    Marinated shrimp wrapped with crispy wonton skin. Served with house sweet & sour sauce.
  10. $14
    Beyond's Samplers
    Variety of Beyond's Appetizers: Chicken and Beef Satay, Chicken Spring Rolls, Shrimp Summer Rolls and Thai Golden Bags.
  11. $6
    Golden Tofu
    Fried tofu served with sweet dipping sauce.
  12. $6
    Cream Cheese Wontons
    Golden fried wonton stuffed with cream cheese and avocado.